Schmid Head

Coming soon – The untold story of Serial Killer Charles H. Schmid, The Pied Piper of Tucson

Using recently uncovered new information and many unpublished photographs, the full story behind the gruesome killings that gripped a Nation can finally be told.

Charles. H. Schmid Jr. was a cold-blooded killer who took the lives of 3 young girls just for kicks. It’s rumored, and he himself boasted, that he took the life of at least one other girl too. The tragic murders shocked this desert city and sent chills of horror down the streets and spines of Tucson’s easygoing community.

‘The Unfinished Man’ takes it’s title from a poem written by Schmid while serving a life sentence for his horrific crimes. The book will feature many of the poems written by this cold-blooded killer, as well as never-before-seen photographs of the trial, the shallow graves where the victims were buried, Schmid’s artwork and much more.