Episode 5: Medium Cool

Wilhelm at his desk. On his desk are police reports, photos, maps, newspapers. He’s playing with a cigarette, trying to balance it on it’s end. The phone rings. Wilhelm picks it up.
Wilhelm: Wilhelm.
Psychic: Hello Detective. I’ve been reading all about you in the newspapers.
Wilhelm: Who is this?
Psychic: This is a friend. Indeed yes, a friend. Isn’t it funny how a friend is so very close to a fiend? It’s just missing an r. I wonder if that’s intentional?
Wilhelm: Who is this?
Psychic: I told you, a friend. A friend who can help you find what you’re searching for. I’ve helped others. I have. Others like you. And now I can help Detective Wilhelm of the Tucson Police Force.
Wilhelm: Just how is it that you can help me?
Psychic: I’ve seen her.
Wilhelm: You’ve seen who?
Psychic: Seen the girl you’re looking for. The one in the newspapers. The one that’s missing.
Wilhelm sits up in his chair and grabs a pencil and his notepad.
Wilhelm: Waitaminute…you say you have information about Alleen Rowe?
Psychic: That’s the one. Like I said, I’ve seen her. She came to me.
Wilhelm: Came to you where? I mean, where are you? Is she ok?
Psychic: She’s gone, Detective Wilhelm. I’m afraid she’s gone.
Wilhelm: Well where is she now? Her Mother is worried sick about her.
Psychic: I’m afraid she’s gone to a place from which she won’t be coming back.
Wilhelm: What are you talking about? I warn you, if you’re withholding information from the Police there will be severe consequences.
Psychic: I’m not withholding anything, Detective. Like I said, I can help you find Miss Rowe. Her spirit spoke to me two nights ago. She told me where her body has been left to rot and ruin.
Wilhelm: Ohhh, (putting down the pencil and picking up the cigarette) are you one of those Psychic’s like Jeane Dixon? The woman who predicted the assassination of the President last year?
Psychic: Some call me a Psychic, others call me a Medium. Personally I prefer the term ‘clairvoyant’, and Jeane and I do share similar talents, although my speciality is communicating with the recently deceased, rather than the soon-to-be-deceased. I’ve helped many Policemen across the country locate the bodies of unfortunate victims such as your Miss Rowe.
Wilhelm: (disinterested) Well, tell me what it is you think you know Mrs…You know, it would help lend some credibility to your story if you told me your name.
Psychic: I’m Allison, Dorothy Allison. If you call the precinct in Nutley, New Jersey and ask around about me, they’ll tell you about the case I helped them with earlier this year. A poor Little Angel who’d been missing for 7 months.
Wilhelm: I’ll do that. So what can you tell me about Alleen Rowe?
Dorothy: Your own Little Angel came to me in a dream, Detective. (Maybe do this next part as flashback or Saul Bass style animated sequence?) I saw lots of holes, and pretty little flowers in a big green field. Then the holes became tubes, and spikes grew out of them. There were some flags and the sound of somebody playing a guitar. The guitar string broke and was pulled tightly around the poor girl’s neck, but she broke free and ran. Somebody ran after her and pulled her to the ground. A big rock came crashing down and alas, the Little Angel was no more.
Wilhelm makes notes in his book and fiddles with his cigarette some more.
Wilhelm: Did she tell you where this big green field was? We’re in the desert here and green is hard to come by. Green….
Wilhelm gets up from the chair and walks over to the large map on the wall. He looks back in his notebook and finds Alleen Rowe’s address. Mumbles it under his breath, puts his finger on the spot on the map then looks around the area until he finds the nearby golf course.
Wilhelm: (to himself) It’s a Golf Course! (Or just pan camera across map if ‘Golf Course’ is labeled)
Dorothy: (voice on phone) Hello? Hello, Detective? Are you there?
Wilhelm returns to the phone
Wilhelm: Mrs. Allison, could Alleen have been on a golf course?
Dorothy: I suppose she could, yes. That explains the holes and the flags, doesn’t it?
Wilhelm: Now, did Alleen tell you who she was with on the golf course? Did she say anyone’s name?
Dorothy: No, she just said she was being dragged, so there must have been somebody else there.
Wilhelm: Exactly right. So is there anything more you can tell me about this dream?
Dorothy: I think I’ve told you everything, Detective. I do have a favor to ask of you, however. When you find the poor girl’s body please make sure to tell the newspapers that I helped you.
Wilhelm: If we discover anything useful I’ll bear that in mind Mrs. Allison. But I’ll be honest, in my estimation that’s a pretty big if. Goodbye.
Wilhelm puts the phone down, walks to the door, opens it and calls out.
Wilhelm: Sergeant Walker! Get your shovel, we’re going golfing!
Wilhelm and Sgt. Walker arrive at golf course to search for body of Alleen Rowe. A few shots of them walking around golf course.
Walker: (Taking off his hat and wiping his brow) Well, we’ve walked over this entire place and I don’t see no signs of anyone being buried here. It’s all as clean as a (whistles) …whistle.
Wilhelm: Yeah, I guess my Clairvoyant Psychic Medium friend wasn’t as hot as I’d hoped. I tell you Walker, if I don’t get a break in this case soon I’m going to start breaking some heads instead.
Camera pulls up and high as Wilhelm & Cop walk out of frame. Camera continues up and over to nearby wash and then comes down until we see the partially buried body of Alleen Rowe with a hair curler visible.