This scene doesn’t really fit into the movie and is included here by request.


Wilhelm enlists the aid of Shadow Wolf. He’s an Indian tracker who specializes in hunting down drug smugglers who come across the desert from Mexico. Tall, slender build, long straight hair, wears a cowboy hat that casts a permanent shadow over his eyes. Wilhelm can phone him and we can hopefully have DDD record his side of the conversation at a later date. We should take reference film of DDD from behind and take photos for continuity in case we need to use a body double to film his side of the conversation.

Wilhelm: There’s a guy I know, Indian tracker. We served together in the war. Saved his ass from the Japs at Guadalcanal. Or maybe he saved mine. It’s been 20 years and we’ve both done a lot of saving since, so things get kinda fuzzy. He works out in the desert, hunting drug runners for the Res Police. Best damn tracker in the whole County. Goes by the name ‘Shadow Wolf’. He helped me before on a case. Guy has a spooky kind of instinct when it comes to finding things out in that damn desert. I’m gonna call his boss and see if I can get his help.

Wilhelm arranges to meet DDD out on the far West side of town. Wilhelm arrives in a car (we can shoot that later). Middle-of-nowhere kind of landscape. He tracks across rocky terrain and arrives at a small hill with a rusty, beaten up pick-up truck at the top. Next to the truck, silhouetted against the sky is DDD, his back to us.

Wilhelm approaches DDD. He removes his hat from his head and mops his brow. DDD is looking through a pair of binoculars. Wilhelm approaches but stays back about 10ft.

Wilhelm: What you looking at?

DDD: See that building? That’s the old Indian School. The Church built it in 1888 and they spent 70 years teaching my people how to hoe a field, and how to shoe a horse, and how to cook a meal and darn a sock, and how to worship your God. Closed it a couple of years ago, but not before they trained two generations of my tribe how to better serve the white man. Not a whole lot wrong in that, if all you need from your Indians is to keep them on their reservations.

Wilhelm mops his brow again.

DDD: I was lucky. My Father taught me how to track. That’s a thing even you policemen respect, and it’s the only thing that’s brought your ass all the way out here, right?

Wilhelm: (Walking closer to Shadow Wolf, sarcastically) It’s nice to see you too, Shadow Wolf.

DDD lowers the binoculars and the two men shake hands. The deep shadow cast from DDD’s hat hides his eyes.

DDD: The only time you cops come out here is when my Brothers cause trouble in town or when you need my help. You’re from the department that tracks down the missing white people, Wilhelm, so it’s the skills my Father taught me, not that school, that you’ll be needing.

Wilhelm: Your Father was a wise man.

DDD: So just what is it you do need of me?

Wilhelm: I’m working a Missing Persons in town and I think we may be turning up a corpse. Been missing far too long for the outcome to end well.

DDD: I’d like to help you Wilhelm, but as of tomorrow I’m being re-assigned to a protection detail.

Wilhelm: Who you protecting?

DDD: Goldwater is holding a rally up in Phoenix. Trying to get the ‘Native’ vote. Powers that be, they think it’ll look good if a red man’s face is part of his security detail.

Wilhelm: (incredulous) Barry Goldwater is courting the Indians now? The same Barry Goldwater that has the support of the Ku Klux Klan, and is running for President of The United States Of America!?

DDD: The very same.

Wilhelm: These politicians sure will say anything to get a few extra votes!

DDD: Strange as it may seem, Goldwater has been a good friend to the Tribes. He respects our ways and traditions and he’s taken photographs of many of us. Even published them in a book, which he’s now selling for $1500 to raise money! How’s that for good old American Capitalism?

Wilhelm: (Sarcastically) Shadow Wolf, I had no idea you were so clued-in!

DDD: A Man has to seek out his own knowledge because it isn’t going to be handed to him on a plate, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be taught to him in a school. These days, only a fool relies on what he’s told to believe by others.

Wilhelm: So where’d you learn about this $1500 book?

DDD: I read about it in the New York Times.

Wilhelm bursts out laughing and puts his arm around Shadow Wolf’s shoulder.

Wilhelm: You sure are one crazy Indian sonofabitch!

DDD: (laughing) White Man’s education was good for something!