Music Video Style

Sleazy, Surfy, Moody, Twangy. A good idea of the overall feel of the music.

Music Video Style

These next 3 are a good idea of style/tempo for the tune that Smitty plays with The Band at The Flamingo. We will shoot a full music video of this song, using footage from our movie and additional footage of The Band & Smitty.

The Emeralds - Earthquake

Freddy and The Heartaches - Womp Womp

Music Style/Feeling

These following videos are the sound/style/tempos of the overall music for the entire project. The Cramps are the main influence.

Obviously too contemporary and too 'Drum & Bass', but has good feel to it

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Good visual references too

The Cramps - Primitive


Awesome, also good references for costume