Episode 3: Flamingo A-Go-Go

Night. Car driving fast along Speedway Blvd. C/U tires, front grill. Camera moves up and over hood.  We see Smitty driving with Richie Bruns. Both are dressed sharp. Richie checks himself out in mirror.
Smitty: Fuck, I look good! I mean real good! Do I not look real good tonight, Richie?
Richie: You’re looking good, Smitty.
Smitty: Soon as I get this gig done, what say we grab the girls and head up to ‘The Old Drinking Spot’ on the North side and see if we can find us some trouble?
Richie: Heh, we don’t usually have to look too hard.
Smitty: (smiling) Hey, man. I tell you ’bout this crazy dream I had the other night? I mean cray-zee. It was at my place, and I’d picked up this real fine chick. Long, blonde hair she wore up high but let all fall down to just around the curve in her back. Fine, ruby red lips around a mouth you just know knows what to do. Big, deep brown eyes, the kind that cut through the crap and burn their way deep into your soul.
Richie: Sounds like quite a doll.
Smitty: And her neck. Her neck was so long and slender and inviting, just waiting to be held. To be touched. And as we sat there on the couch I was transfixed by the grace of that neck. She wore a necklace with a little locket in the shape of a heart, and it hung down and just touched the top of her…what’s that bit called where the tits join?
Richie: Her cleavage.
Smitty: Yeah, it touched the top of her cleavage. And as she breathed in and out the little heart moved up and down, and I stared at it and then looked up at that long neck and wondered what it would be like to put my hands around it and squeeze it and squeeze it and keep squeezing it until the necklace stopped moving. Just knowing that I had that power in the palms of my hands. The power to stop a heart from moving.
Richie: Holy shit! You mean you killed her?
Smitty: Yeah. Killed her dead.
Richie: But this was a dream, right?
Smitty: (smiling) Yeah, Richie. Pretty sure it was a dream.
The car screeches into the parking lot of the Flamingo Hotel and pulls to a stop. Doors open and we see c/u of Smitty’s boot exit car and hit ground. Smitty grabs his guitar, closes the door and he checks himself in the wing mirror
Smitty: Hang on a sec…
Smitty quickly crouches down by the tyre, reaches underneath and gets a drop of grease. He dabs his finger on his cheek and creates a beauty mark.
Smitty: Now I look crazy-good!
They walk towards the door of The Flamingo.
Cut to Smitty on stage, playing guitar. We see Richie at a table close to stage with his arms around a couple of girls, all watching Smitty. Cut between shots of Smitty playing and girl bopping her head, tapping foot, snapping fingers, in time with the music. C/U of fingers on strings, Smitty’s face, camera slowly moves down from girl’s face to her neck. Smitty finishes his set and jumps off the stage to join Richie and the girls. He puts his arm around one, aggressively throwing Richie’s arm away. He whispers in the girl’s ear and she laughs.
Girl: Wow, Smitty. You’re nearly as good as Elvis! I mean, hell, you’re better, ‘cos you’re actually really here! (She laughs)
They all laugh, and Smitty pulls up the collar of his jacket like Elvis and whispers in her ear again. She smiles and gives him a seductive look, putting her hand on his thigh.
Smitty: Let’s blow this scene and hit a joint where they know how to make a real drink. And I got some little friends who’ll come along for the ride too.
He opens the palm of his hand to show a pile of pills. He stands, grabs the girl’s hand and pulls her up out of her seat. They head off towards the exit, Richie and the other girl get up to follow them, and Richie sees Smitty’s guitar on stage. He grabs it and he and the girl leave.
Parking Lot: Smitty holds open the door of his car (’64 Ford Falcon) and his girl climbs into the back. He slaps her behind as she does so. He gets in, checks himself in the mirror and starts the engine. Turns around and hands his girl a pill, then pops another into his mouth.
Smitty: You ever done Speed before, baby?
He revs the engine.
Girl: (shaking her head) What’s it do?
Smitty: (revs engine again) Revs you up and blasts you into outer space.
He hits the horn and yells at Richie, walking across the parking lot.
Smitty: C’mon man, we haven’t got all night. This rocket ship is fueled up and ready for blast off!
Richie and his girl get in the car.
Richie: I grabbed your guitar, you’re welcome. Looks like you busted a string, by the way.
Smitty: Who cares about a busted string? I got plenty more. We gotta hit The Tiki and get us a Scorpion.
Girl: What’s a Scorpion?
Smitty: Only the best drink in town, is all! They make it big and they make it strong.
Girl: (laughing) Sounds like my kind of man!
Smitty: Now you’re talking, baby!
Smitty leans his head back and laughs. C/U of his foot hitting the gas, types spin and the car peels out of the parking lot fast.
Smitty VO: Now you’re talking…